Portfolio Management Team

Mr. Aki Kostiander

Portfolio Manager/Managing Director (MSc Finance, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki/Vaasa), has over 20 years of  professional experience from Investing and the asset management industry. He has held many executive level and senior partner positions in more than half a dozen different organisations (e.g. Gyllenberg/SEB, Mandatum and Pohjola Asset Management). He has besides many portfolio management duties been the managing director of two mutual fund companies and two asset management companies. During the whole career he has managed different types of portfolios ranging from private individual portfolios to mutual funds. He has covered most types of asset classes during that time but the emphasis has been on global real assets (REITs) for the last ten years. Aki has founded and managed the UB REIT funds since inception.

Mr. Pekka Niemelä

Portfolio Manager (MSc Economics, Helsinki School of Economics), has over 25 years of professional experience from the asset management  business and the finance industry. He started his career as a sell side analyst  and  then after a few years of  experience moved to the buy side. He has worked as a buy side analyst and managed a number of stock portfolios and mutual funds over the years (e.g. in the Pohjola group and Mandatum Asset Management).  Since 2004 he has been focusing on European listed stocks and global infrastructure companies. Pekka has founded and managed the UB Infrastructure mutual funds since inception.

Mr. Tomi Suominen

Portfolio Analyst (Bachelor of Business Administration from the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences), has been working in the mutual fund business since 2007. He has worked with mutual fund NAV calculation as well as portfolio reporting and portfolio analysis. Tomi joined the portfolio management team in 2011 and has since worked as a portfolio analyst covering listed infrastructure company and REIT portfolios as well as updating quantitative databases on global real asset stocks. His responsibilities also include the monitoring of fixed income instruments and a part of the teams trading execution.

Mr. Tuomas Kallunki

Portfolio Analyst/Quantitative Research (MSc Finance, Helsinki School of Economics), has been working in the finance and banking business since 2002. He has worked in three different banking groups (Kaupthing, Aktia and the UB Group) and has mainly worked with asset allocation modelling, manager selection process, portfolio analysis as well as being a portfolio manager for a Russian equities mutual fund for over two years. He has in depth knowledge of quantitative investment research and database programming. Tuomas joined the UB Real Assets team in 2013.

Mr. Danny Mi Yang

Portfolio Analyst (BSc, Honors, Quantitative Finance, National University of Singapore), has been working with portfolio analysis and company research since 2012 in three organisations in Singapore (Six Capital Private limited, RME Capital (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Lyra Capital Pte. Danny has local knowledge and experience in dealing with Asian listed company research. He works at Lyra Capital Pte in Singapore on behalf of UB Real Assets since 2013.

Mr. Jarkko Lehtonen

Portfolio Manager, (MSc Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology–currently Aalto University, School of Engineering), has been working with real estate for over ten years. He has worked for seven years in the Kesko –group with real estate leasing and sales. During this period, he was involved in real estate transactions worth roughly 600M€. In 2011 Jarkko founded Capitol Asset Management and took over the management of a portfolio of 77 grocery stores on behalf of Sveafastigheter Ab (a Swedish property investor). In June 2014 Jarkko was involved in selling the portfolio to another Swedish property portfolio investor Redito.

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