UB Nordic Property

UB Nordic Property Fund invests mainly in Nordic properties and real estate securities. The aim for the Fund is to achieve a return in line with the return of the Nordic property markets and also strive for long-term growth of the Fund value. The Fund invests primarily in commercial properties. However, investment objects may substantially vary between different types of properties. The Fund may also invest assets in shares of property development companies and REITs as well as deposits and fixed income instruments.

The Fund may use loan financing in order to gain efficiency. From the annual profit of the fiscal year at least 75 % is distributed to the unitholders. Unrealized value changes are not included in the calculation of the fiscal year’s profit.


UB Nordic Property Fund is administered by UB Fund Management Company Ltd (Aleksanterinkatu 21 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland). UB Fund Management Company is supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. All relevant documents and prospectuses (such as fund rules and KIIDs) are available from the UB Fund Management Company Ltd.

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